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The BriteSmile process was developed by Dr John Warner who co-invented the Lasik eye procedure.


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The science behind BriteSmile is the secret to our success. The BriteSmile gas plasma light technology, combined with a proprietary new, wavelength-specific gentle bleaching gel, has created a revolutionary method of teeth whitening which quickly, safely and effectively whitens all teeth at once. How effective is this? See the product comparisons.

The BriteSmile technology was developed by a team led by DR John Warner, a former NASA scientist and a member of the Hubble Space Telescope development program.

What it all means for you is that our whitening results confirm an average of 8 or more shades lighter and even higher for individuals with darker teeth. Years of coffee, cigarettes, red wine and other stains seem to magically disappear. And success is so certain, your satisfaction is guaranteed.